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Most of all we need to show respect for the Grannies who stepped back and let others go ahead of them … Who built up the libraries and raised money for schools and churches …

Ok let’s try to write the Ultimate Granny Song Before every guard There is a Granny Singing loud and free A mari usque ad mare Beside every guard There is a granny Singing singing Help us to …

As a child, we had this beautiful big tree in our backyard in which I always used to play.

Whenever I would climb into my tree and sit in my tree house staring at birds and looking out over the garden I would feel at piece.

The service narrative deals with the idea that trees can provide us with a service (Dean 203).

Interviews often present a challenge, to which photographs seem to be an adequate solution to put people at ease and to promote thought processes.

The technique of including photographs in interviews is called Photo Elicitation (Tinkler 2013).

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