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It's easy to get involved into Puppy Linux thanks to it's open nature and the vivid community.

A feeling that I'm severely missing in the proprietary OSX on my i Mac, my primary computer.

The options in linux networking don't let me specify custom dns IPs unless I choose a static IP -- really didn't want to do that.

So linux's network simply uses the router's IP address for dns service -- the default. The recommended updater for linux is source code, but I don't have the compiler installed on linux & can't compile.

However, when I navigated in linux to the opendns site & tried the "test your settings" link, it said I was using opendns! I've seen the package ddclient also mentioned as an updater, so installed that, but can't seem to get that working.

Apparently the router is, by default, using opendns's dns servers and linux doesn't even know it. So my question -- without an IP updater, will I loose connectivity in linux? I seemed to browse w/o problems for a few days in linux.....

Now eight months later I'll give an update on Puppy Linux on my PC. Both Puppy Linux Slacko 5.7, which I had installed initially, and Puppy Linux Slacko 6.3 have been very stable on my T40 and I loved Puppy Linux because of it's speed.

Visit https://launchpad.net/~team-xbmc/ archive/ubuntu/xbmc-nightly/ packages? field.name_filter=&field.status_filter=superseded&field.series_filter= You will then have to download the appropiate file and manually install it.

The one problem with this distributions is the lack of software.

Some programs that I needed are just not available in the repositories.

If you, for instance, don't like the window manager or the file manager, you can change it. This way you can create your very own system doing honor to the acronym PC.

Tahr Pup even has an option to easily change the Linux kernel, something that I couldn't do with Slacko.

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