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Kelly will come directly to you, and you should still be near Stephanie.With Kelly in tow, click Stephanie and issue the "Make Introductions" command, followed by the "Casual Conversation" command if it comes up.When Pete finally pops up, tell him to "Follow Me," then click either girl and select "Introduce to Group." Be warned that if the duo is in a corner or something, the "Introduce to Group" command may fail.You won't be told that it failed or why, but it's because there's no room for all three to be near each other.If you're in an open area, though, it shouldn't happen. Just sit back and get those casual relationship meters up.If your mansion is crowded or somebody leaves, throw the party again, but you should have things worked out in no time.

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When Kelly shows up, tell Stephanie to "Stop Following," then order Kelly to follow you.You're supposed to get all three together to talk and fix the problem.For the sake of example, let's say your people in question are—oh, just pulling random names out of the air, here— Stephanie, Kelly, and Pete.Eventually, you'll run into the staff member who knows what's going down, and Julie will break it down for you.Now, while all this is going on, two special celebrities will come over.

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