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In order to sell 30,000000 of Flanders Poppies a very large number of sellers will be required, and we appeal to those ladies who so freely gave their services at home while our men were fighting overseas, to come forward again to help these men by volunteering to sell the sacred Flanders Poppy emblems. Willcox, organising secretary of Earl Haig’s (British Legion) Appeal, 1, Regent street, London, S. The addresses of local committees will be gladly given by Capt. A very large number of Flanders Poppy wreaths will again this year be placed upon the Cenotaph in London and War memorials throughout the country, as well as memorials erected by institutions, public companies, and private firms. Flanders Poppy wreaths are obtainable from Earl Haig’s Fund, 33, St.

Ladies who desire to sell Flanders Poppies are asked to communicate with Capt. James Square (temporary Poppy Day headquarters), from which address an illustrated leaflet showing sizes and prices will be sent on application.

A tag attached to the poppy bears the inscription ‘EARL HAIG’S APPEAL For Ex-Service Men of all Ranks and their Dependents BRITISH LEGION “REMEMBRANCE DAY” (Reg. some poppies had gone out with the button in the centre which did not contain the words “Haig’s Fund” and which did not comply with instructions …”; “one of the sprays which came out this year with “H. in Edinburgh, on Friday there is to be, for the first time, a “Field of Remembrance.” …

F.” on it.” ‘In Remembrance’ Crosses: This is believed to be the first year that the British Legion began distributing small wooden crosses, for the “Fields” and “Gardens” of Remembrance. in addition to the usual poppy emblems, small wooden crosses bearing a Haig poppy in the centre will be on sale.” Upon acquisition, it was said that the “HAIG FUND’ poppy spray shown above dated from 1935.

The coloured image shows a modern 2017 version: ) should be a “real remembrance day” and proposed to launch several schemes in aid of his appeal for ex-service men of all ranks.

One of these is the wearing of the Flanders Poppy to the memory of the men who rest beneath the flower on the fields of Flanders.

Now that, in most cases, despatch to foreign places is difficult or impossible, it is hoped that the loss of revenue will be made up by purchasers here.” “only four millions will be of the more attractive silk types.

In British newspaper reports of the time, Haig is credited with originating the term “Remembrance Day” AND the poppy idea. Is the above an example of the first/1922 British Legion “Remembrance Day” Poppy?

It has a paper label but, however, no registered number.

The poppy shown above belongs to the Green Howards Museum in Richmond, North Yorkshire.

This poppy and its accompanying note from Field Marshal Douglas Haig were laid at the London Cenotaph on 11 November 1921.

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