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SPN ends.since Jensen left, Jared had been spiralling downward.

He'll be collared, stripped of all his rights and worst of all he'll have to share Jensen with the pack beta...

The digital archive of interview transcripts is available and searchable online and a series of articles based on these, entitled ‘The Way We Were’ is also are a few pictures of old Ambleside, which despite the pressures remains a most desirable place in which to live and work, with a fascinating past and present where the diversity, perversity, kindness, generosity and humour of its people never ceases to delight and amaze.

By 2000 BC, the landscape had been developed considerably by the hand of man, as trees were felled and ground was cleared.

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The axes produced were highly efficient, suitable for tree felling and killing animals.echniques of agriculture and stock raising developed as communities, increasingly based on single industrial locations, grew and population rose.

Like her hubby, Missus Harris Ackles has also worked steadily since she first appeared on a soap story (One Life to Live) in 2003.

Natch, we bit the “Celeb Owned” bait and five seconds spent poking around the property records turned up evidence the property in question is owned (by a trust controlled) by a 30-something year old actor we’ve never heard of named Jensen Ackles who is married to actress Danneel Ackles, née Harris.

It was in fact highly industrialised, involved heavily in the production of charcoal, used in smelting the iron ore of Furness and west Cumbria, then timber for the production of bobbins for the textile industry.

It adopted water power at an early stage and later developed machine tool manufacture.

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